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My 1995 pts Deathwing army fully painted and prepared for this weekends 40k tournament. I hope to do well. I’m just worried that I’ve got a to low model count and to few 6th ed games under my belt to do well… or that a flyer will come swooping down and gunning down my whole army…

Anyway, It will be fun to play with my miniatures, to see the other armies, meet friends and roll dice. =)

my friend has an army like this, take away the speeders, add more termi and have belial.
we call him “Master Of The Dickwing” 

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5. as the tide had turned for my marines and the squad broke, the remaining Aspiring Champion and his fellow marine bolted for it, and retreated… Only to have a squad of Deathwing Terminators Deep Strike infront of them.

6. Knowing his time to be short, after dealing with the Warboss, and suffering a wound, Ahriman turns to face the oncoming assult from Death Wing Terminators that where chasing the previously defeated Boss.
Taking out The Death wing CO, the Terminators avenged him by Smiting the Great Ahriman.

7. The last of the Green Tide has sourounded the Champion of Chaos known as Abaddon, and with a final click of their triggers, they finished off the Despolier, leaving only the Deathwing and one by one pick of the remaining Waagh.

Battle Results: Tim 1st, Me 2nd, Grim 3rd.


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1. It was going so well for the Grims Orcs as the gleefully shot off rounds at my chaos marines, while engadging Tims Land Raider at the other end of the field.
Untill Abaddon waltz up and with one swing on his demon weapon, took out an entire squad of Orcs.

2. Leaving My Thousand Sons and a few Rouge Chaos Marines to do battle with a Killer Can and the Orc Crew that maintained it. 

3. Adaddon happy with the masacre turned and headed towards a lone Chaos Sorceror holding his own against a squad of Nobs, Only to be shot at by a load of Orc Bikers causing him to leave the Sorceror to clean up his own mess.

4. Ahriman Of The Thousand Sons having made contact with a Orc Warboss and his band of Boiz making a flanking monuvor away from a Squad of Death Wing Terminators, and knowing he will WARP HIS SHIT, continues to do so as he tries to make his way towards the objective.

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Battle Report

1st place: Tim’s deathwing army

2nd Place: My Chaos Band

3rd Place: Grims Orc Waagh

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Not like every other night.

Going to play a game of Warhammer 40,000.

Up against a Deathwing and Ors.

I currently have 1200pts, and havent play’d in over 10 years.

This will be a blood bath.

For in the Grim Darkness of the 41st millenium, there is only WAR

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