The Calm Before The Storm

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The Doctor will see you now.
Here you will see some NSFW stuff and blogs of everyday life and stuff that i stumblr across on the internets.
Im really into History, Classics, Shakespeare, Books and Comics, Roleplay and Games, and just chatting to like minded people.

Your Resident Kiwi.

Wane of the moon.

He screamed, for hours on end, eyes blinded by sadness, on his knees begging for it to be over with. 
Surely he had put in the time and the effort needed.
He was on the verge of giving up, his patients worn down thin after the past few months.
Untill one day not long ago, his voice made no sound.
He stood there, perplexed by the silence.
Opening his eyes he realized, that there was no one there.
He realized that no one heard his screams, not even their echos.
Walking out of the woods he looked starward, and wondered to himself..

What name he should scream at the moon next. 

  #prose    #self writen    #felt good to write again